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‘All year appeal’ with Elaeagnus species and varieties

Elaeagnus Pungens 'Maculata' - webMeet a garden celebrity of the green and growing kind! Members of the Elaeagnus family are real eye-catchers.

For year round colour and interest in your garden look out for the evergreen members of the clan. Elaeagnus x ebbingei cultivars are dense rounded, evergreen shrubs with elegant oval leaves. These plants have suitably glitzy names – ‘Gilt edge’ reaches a height and spread of 4m and produces attractive dark green leaves edged with gorgeous golden yellow margins. ‘Limelight’, with a height and spread of 3m, is a little smaller but no less striking. Its leaves are silvery when young and then become marked with yellow and green in the centres.

For star quality try Elaeagnus pungens ‘Maculata’. Put this plant centre stage in your garden. With its spreading upward growth ‘Maculata’ is ideal as a specimen shrub. The glossy dark green leaves have rich yellow centres making this plant really stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to where they can live, Elaeagnus are much less picky than your average celeb! They will grow well in any fertile, well drained soil. They do best in a sunny position – although the evergreen varieties can cope with some shade.

Along with stellar quality, elegance and style these plants are a practical choice too. Evergreen Elaeagnus bring year round appeal and structure. They are suitable in a number of garden situations including as a speciment plant, in a shrub border – some of the evergreen varieties are even suitable to grow as a hedge.

Plus there’s more to Elaeagnus than stunning foliage. Many produce exquisite little star-shaped flowers which can be fragrant, (depending on variety). ‘Maculata’ produces pendent silvery white flowers in autumn. ‘Quicksilver’, a deciduous variety, puts on a pretty show of yellow flowers produced from silver buds which look great against its lance-shaped silvery leaves. Sounds gorgeous! It’s easier than you might think to have a celebrity in your garden!

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