May tips

May is a busy month as you can start planting outside (frost warning )your tender crops like tomatoes, courgettes, peppers and pumpkins. There's still a risk of late frosts in some areas, so keep an eye on the weather this month, and cover plants with fleece if frosts are forecast.

More jobs to do

Remove sideshoots from tomatoes: Pick out sideshoots from cordon tomatoes as you see them developing from this month on.

Earth up potatoes:  Draw up soil around the stems of the potatoes when the shoots are 23cm (9in) high, in order to prevent the new tubers going green.

Sow sweet corn: In blocks, at 45cm (18in) spacing, with two seeds per hole.

Harden off tender plants: Acclimatise tender plants to the colder outdoor conditions for 10 to 14 days before planting into final positions. 

Feed fruit in pots: Use a liquid fertiliser and feed fruit growing in pots.

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