Lovely long evenings...

Lovely long evenings...

June is a busy month in the garden with many tasks to occupy any gardener, from cutting the lawn regularly to hoeing the vegetable plot and borders - and perhaps picking your first fruits!

This month is also great for planting both perenniels and annuals experiment with the following plants by using them in pots and in borders.


*         Chrysanthemums

*         Dianthus

*         Geraniums

*         Eryngiums


*         Impatiens (busy lizzie)

*         Lobelia

*         Calendula officinalis (pot marigold)

*         Digitalis (foxglove)

Siting a Patio…

Take note of where the sun falls in your garden during the day and decide when you are going to use the patio most. For example, if you think that you will use it most in the evenings, then look for the sunniest spot of your garden at this time.

If you cannot decide on a site, you could even have two patios, with the second one sited in a shady spot during the hottest parts of the day. Although overhanging trees may provide some welcome shade on the patio, remember that there can be problems with leaves in the Autumn.

Patio Surfaces...

A wide range of materials are available for paving your patio, so choose an appropriate colour to blend with your house. A mixture of paving slabs and bricks or other edging stones can look attractive and break up a large expanse.

If you want to go for a different material, such as gravel and decking, do bare in mind that gravel can be difficult to walk on at times and decking, term although an attractive alternative, does require a lot of maintenance in the longer.

Patio Furniture & Lighting

Personal taste will decide what furniture you choose to put on the patio. However, you may like to do something different and include an arbour with a seat or some other structure to allow you to add other interesting features as well as the normal pots.

Lighting, of course, can be used in lots of different ways. A nice idea is to strategically place lights to enhance the plants and improve the whole aspect, or to use trellis along the sides, allowing taller plants to be lit too.

Specimen Plants & Pots of Colour

Larger specimen plants can add impact to your patio. Beautifully trimmed topiary or yew will create a focal point, as will standard plants such as fuchsia. However, do be wary of their stability, of these larger items can get blown over in windy conditions. The one real plus about any patio is that it is ideal for masses of pots of colourful summer flowers. These pots can then be extended through the Winter and into Spring with bulbs and Winter bedding to give your patio a longer lasting pleasure. Do remember though that the more containers you have, the more watering you will have to do during hot periods and the more dead heading and trimming you will need to do.

10 Minute Tasks

 June is a time to ensure that all of your plants are adequately fed, particularly those in baskets and tubs.  Plants benefit from a regular feeding programme, as they are growing vigorously and do require their nutrition levels to be kept up. There are numerous products which can be obtained from the garden centre.  It is important to keep greenhouse temperatures down, so open the doors and vents during the day and close them from early evening. Most plants being kept in greenhouses at this time of the year, such as young vegetable plants, bedding plants and flowering plants, may get scorched by the excessive heat and it can often make them grow soft and dry them out very quickly. Try to combat excessive heat by applying a shading material.

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