Fragrance on the patio

Fragrance on the patio with Lavender and Roses

Lavenders are ideal for planting in your patio or dinning areas to give off that gorgeous fragrance

For super summer scent look no further than Lavender. The species Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) offers many wonderful varieties. The leaves are usually grey-green and flowers can vary from deep purple to paler lilac depending on the variety. This bushy shrub can grow to an approximate height and spread of 1 metre.

French Lavender or Lavandula stoechas is a popular choice. This compact shrub bears elegant flowers from late spring to summer – deep purple in colour with paler purple tips. The vibrant mid-green leaves set off the flowers very well. This plant grows to an approximate height and spread of 60cm.

French Lavender

Lavandula enjoy a full sun position and well drained soil. French Lavender or Lavandula stoechas is only just frost hardy. Lavandula angustifolia are fully hardy. There’s an added bonus too. You can dry the leaves and flowerheads of the Lavenders and enjoy their scent inside the house for longer.

For something special try two gorgeous classic garden plants together – lavenders and roses. You get the benefit of the fragrance of lavender enhanced with a hint of summer rose scent too. This perfect combination can be ideal for your favourite patio container – place it right near your seating area and enjoy soft scents throughout the day.

Choose a soft pink flowering rose such as Rosa Queen Mother ‘Korquemu’. This patio rose is bred for its attractive flowers and compact growth habit. ‘Korquemu’ reaches a height of 40cm and a spread of 60cm making it ideal for planting in a container in front of or around a lavender. Its attractive pink flowers will go beautifully with the purple lavenders.

Rose ('The Fairy')There are lots of pink or white patio or minature roses which would make a stylish partner in a patio container. Also look out for something like Rosa ‘The Fairy’ reaching a height of around 60cm and cultivated for its delightful rosette-shaped double flowers. Flowering from late summer to autumn this rose would make the ideal potted companion. Both these roses are fully hardy. Of course you can use this combination together to great effect as part of a shrub border or in a central bed. This will give you the opportunity to take advantage of the huge range of large and clustered flowered bush roses. Elegant tones such as soft yellows, crisp whites, pale and dark pinks would all set off your lavenders.

Get the best out of these plants this summer and put this perfect scented duo together.

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