February Tips and advice

February heralds the start of some serious gardening activity. Now is the time to start the tidying up process around the garden. For example weeding beds, borders, rock gardens and patio containers. This forms the basis to help youcreate a colourful and fragrant winter gardenby using the following plants which at this time of year are at their best.

Jasminium nudiflorum

This winter flowering jasmine has bright yellow flowers in late winter. For the best results support the plant across a sunny wall, fence or trellis and or allow the plant to sprawl to give you great ground cover.Perfect for cut flowers bringing a bit of the outdoors indoors!


If you live in a mild part of the country and have crocuses on your garden you will have noticed them emerging from the ground. They makestunning impacts of colour in late winter and early spring especially when planted in drifts across lawns, rockery gardensor in borders.

For late winter flowers try:

Crocus sieberi'Tricolor' - with globlet shape yellow, white and megenta petals
Crocus sieberi'Hubert Edelstein'- silky looking purple and white flowers.

For spring flowers try:

Crocus corsicus - with its dark leaves and violet flowers this crocusis also scented.
Crocus cvijicii - produces golden yellow and sometimes white or cream flowers.
Crocus 'skyline' - as the name might suggest thid crocus bears sky blue flowers that are lightly veined with dark blue.

For larger spaces in the garden which need filling such as borders or backdrops to rockerys orcertain sectionstry the following species of Daphne:

Daphne 'odora' - an evergreen shrub which has small fragrant purple-pink and white flowers from mid-winter and early spring followed by fleshy red fruits.

Daphne 'jezoensis' - a slow growing shrub produces clusters of fragrant golden yellow flowers from winter to early spring.

Also try Hamamelis varieties below which are again great as larger fillers and willbring colour and fragrance to your winter garden.

Hamamelis (Witch hazels) varieties whichbear attractive spider like flowers in oranges, yellows and reds. Here are justa few varieties to choose from:

Hamamelisx intermedia mollis
Hamamelis x intermedia 'Jelena'
Hamamelis x intermedia 'Arnold Promise'

As you can see there are loads of plants at this time of year that can transform your garden. Don't forget to visit your local garden centre or nursery who can offer further expertise.

Top Tip:

Now is the time to ensure that all your garden machinery is correctly serviced - particularly lawn mowers, strimmers and any other equipement that you will need during the busy spring and summer months. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to start the lawn mower for the first cut of the season and it won't start!

Material courtesy of www.the-hta.org