February tips

At this time of year, the ground may still be frozen. You’ll know it if you try to dig and it feels like you’re hitting stone. Once it’s warm enough to get a spade or fork through, turn the soil once and loosen any clumps in preparation for sowing later on. You can warm any frozen ground with fleece, polythene or plastic cloches available in stock. These are helpful to use throughout the remainder of winter to protect your tender plants from the frost.
Get a head start on pulling up unwanted guests in
your flower beds. Once the weather warms up, so will
they so to start your beds on good footing, clear the
way for them to thrive unhindered. A hand fork will let
you get down to the roots, important if you don’t want
them coming back later. Particularly stubborn or deep
set weeds such as bramble can be difficult to uproot –
cutting them back and spraying with Roundup Tough
will kill them down to the root. Use this opportuity to
turn your soil as well, to loosen up any hard clumps.
We are well versed in the fight against weeds and
pests so ask us if you’re unsure.