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The garden really comes alive in April and the number of tasks to be carried out is considerable. Making the best use of the lengthening days is a bonus and, providing the weather stays fair, it can be a brilliant gardening month.

Do watch out for air frosts, keep an eye on your local weather report and place any plants that you may be worried about in your conservatory or shed.  Alternatively, you can wrap your plants up with some fleece to guard them.

Now is a good time to plant evergreen shrubs, bamboos and conifers. Water them in well, then mulch the root area with bark or compost. Protect them from drying winds with screens of polythene or sacking supported by bamboo canes. They also benefit from syringing with water in dry weather.

Clematis and other pot-grown climbers can also be planted out now. These also need lots of water and protection from slugs and snails, alternative methods of pest control are available from your local garden centre from garden chemicals to the more organic . . .  you choose!

Climbers make vigorous growth and will almost certainly flower well in the same year and are perfect for framing a doorway or porch to give your garden a more interesting and enticing entrance.

10 Minute Tasks . . .

  • Try planting hardy cyclamen under trees which can add interest during the autumn and winter months. Cyclamen hederifolium produce their flowers in autumn, followed by very attractive leaves. Prepare the site well by incorporating lots of well–rotted organic matter and keep them well watered until they are established.
  • HoneysucklePlant up climbing plants such as Jasmine and Honeysuckles.  These climbing plants look stunning in deep blue or contemporary steel containers especially when placed around your patio or balcony areas.  What's more they will not only climb over unsightly fences or trellis but will even disguise your dustbin area and the give of a wonderful fragrance!


 Material courtesy of www.the-hta.org.uk