Your Summer Holiday & Your Garden

Your Summer Holiday & Your Garden

August is usually the month when most of us go on holiday and leave our gardens to fend for themselves. A little thought before you go and some tender loving care when you return will be enough to make sure that you can go away without worrying about your hard work gardening going to waste and you really relax on your holiday!

Watering is vital this month as it is usually the hottest and driest month. If you are on hand to water remember it is much better to water thoroughly but less often  plants will then grow deep, strong roots rather than spreading out at the surface.

When watering, new plants should take priority as they will need a lot of moisture to establish a good root system. You will get to know which plants need to be kept moist and which can tolerate a bit a dryness, ferns are an obvious candidate for good watering but do take a look at your plants just to check they actually do need watering so as not to waste time and water.

While you are on holiday and your garden is left unattended, many of your plants can actually suffer due to lack of water. Make sure that, before you go, you either arrange to have your containers and baskets watered, or set up a system that can supply water on a regular basis to your tubs and baskets.

On returning from your holiday it will be worth dead-heading the baskets, dead-heading the tubs and generally reviving the garden by this sort of maintenance technique. Dead- heading bedding, roses and other plants will all help to bring the garden back to life again after your absence.

If you are holidaying in this country, why not take a detour to visit Wisley in Surrey, Kew in Richmond, Hampton Court in London, Rosemoor in the West Country or Sissinghurst in Kent all of which have stunning gardens and will give you inspiration whatever space you have.

Material courtesy of Plant for Life