October Grow Your Own

Sow - Spring-maturing lettuce. Plant - Rhubarb. Harvest - Beetroot (1st half of month), Brussels Sprouts, Calabrese (Italian broccoli), Carrots (1st half of month), French Beans (1st half of month), Lettuce (1st half of month), Onions (seeds and sets), Peas (1st half of month), Potatoes (maincrop), Radishes (1st half of month), Sweet corn (1st half of month), Tomatoes (1st half of month). Other Jobs - ... Frost will pretty much kill off anything when it finally comes, this simply signals the end of the season, but it does mean that any tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers, squashes, sweetcorn etc need to be harvested BEFORE the frost. Usually the first frost is light, so should be taken as a warning to harvest your remaining crops. There should not be any potatoes left in the ground by the end of October but Carrots, parsnips and beetroot can be left as long as they are healthy, if the ground is very wet, check they are not being eaten underground. It's probably best to store what you can. If you didn’t sort out your compost bins last month, have a go this month. Make regular checks on the harvest that you have in store. Anything with any mould, or black bits needs to be removed, and used straight away. If you can’t use it, put it on the compost pile, or remove if you think it’s diseased. If a lot seems to be going off, make sure that the crop has plenty of air to circulate, and is kept cool and dark. Material courtesy of Grow Your Own Veg.com