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Dahlia ('Bishop of Llandaff')There is still a lot of summer to be enjoyed and during the day, plenty of bright colours are provided by the late flowering perennials such as Michaelmas Daisy (Aster vars), Dahlias, from the giant-flowered types to the smallest pompon, in almost every colour you can imagine and they continue flowering until the first frost arrives.

The speciosum Lilies together with Crocosmias and the creamy-white Bugbanes (Cimicifuga) will be in full flower, and in the water garden the moisture-loving Ligularia clivorum holds its showy, daisy like brown-centred, orange flowers 3 to 4 ft. high. Do keep the garden display going, pick off the dead flowers and pinch back straggly growths of summer bedding plants. The dead flowers should be collected from bedding Dahlias every week.

CrocosmiaAmongst the shrubs the with yellow and gold flowers of the Rose of Sharon (Hypericum vars) are in full bloom, the variety Hidcote will bring a suggestion of sunshine to quite shady corners of your garden. In a well-drained sunny spot, the Tree Hollyhocks (Hibiscus) add an exotic touch with their brightly colouredflowers. Buddleias too will be in full flower attracting a host of brightly coloured butterflies to feast on the nectar.

For a delicate look try clematis tangutica which produces a profusion of its lantern-like yellow flowers followed by fluffy seed heads, and the late flowering viticella varieties will also be flowering.  Both these plants are good form of ground cover. Simply peg down the vines at intervals allowing some to scramble up and across other plants. One plant will cover quite an area and will give a wonderful display and after flowering just cut it back for the winter.

Unlike bulbs of other Lilies that are dealt with in the autumn, Madonna Lily bulbs are planted now, as are Colchicums, Amaryllis belladonna and other autumn-flowering bulbs.

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